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Alex Colvin is a senior undergraduate completing his BA in History at the University of Houston where he also minors in Anthropology. His previous academic work was published in the 2017 annual volume of the Journal of the American Revolution, (JAR,) as well as the summer, 2016 edition of Houston History Magazine.  His interest in mixed race marriages began some years ago. Recently he undertook studying the topic formally in advanced, senior-level coursework at the University of Houston. One byproduct of that study was his lengthy essay, "Miscegenation in America from the Antebellum to 2014: Toward A Historiographic Overview".  Another was the creation of  this website. In addition to his academic training in historical research, Mr. Colvin is also an experienced genealogist who's spent  more than 20 years successfully reconstructing his own family history as well as those of clients. He is also a retired investigative journalist. His personal family history site is available at: The Colvin Study Blog.   Contact: